1. Independence Day Celebration (15/08/2012):

The inaugural event set the tone for the organization’s mission. It brought together people of all ages, fostering a sense of unity and patriotism. The flag-hoisting ceremony, cultural performances, and sweets distribution created a memorable day that instilled pride in the hearts of Orai’s residents.

2. Donation Event for Blind School (3/2/2013):

This heartwarming event at Orai saw generous contributions pouring in from the community assisting 150 blind students.Books, Clothes, assistive devices, and financial aid were provided to the visually impaired students, ensuring they had access to education and support

3. Free Health and Medication Camp (16/06/2013):

The health camp was a lifeline for those in need at Orai. Local doctors and medical professionals offered free check-ups and medications, benefiting 400 patients who otherwise might not have had access to healthcare services.

4. Exhibition on Folk Art Theme (15/09/2013):

The folk art exhibition celebrated Orai’s cultural diversity. It showcased exquisite traditional art forms, attracting art enthusiasts and promoting local artisans. The event also provided a platform for these artists to showcase their talent.

5. Exhibition on Patriotic Theme (10/1/2013):

This exhibition at Orai was a visual journey through India’s history, highlighting its struggle for freedom and the sacrifices made by its heroes. It educated the community about the nation’s heritage, fostering a deeper appreciation for their roots.

6. Charity Music Concert (29/12/2013):

The melodious notes of the music concert held at Orai not only delighted the audience but also helped raise funds for various charitable activities. It was a testament to the power of music in bringing people together for a noble cause.

7. Rakhi Day for Defense Forces (10/8/2014):

On this special day, Orai residents tied rakhis (sacred threads) on the wrists of soldiers stationed in the region. This gesture of love and respect showed the unwavering support of the community for the armed forces.

8. Children's Day Celebration (14/11/2014):

A day filled with games, fun activities, and gifts in Orai, this celebration touched the lives of 200 kids making them feel cherished and valued. It also included educational speeches to empower the younger generation with knowledge and skills.

9. Make a Smile Day (17/08/2015):

The aptly named “Make a Smile Day” was the culmination of all their efforts at Orai. It involved distributing gifts, spreading positivity, and carrying out acts of kindness throughout Orai. The day left a trail of smiles, symbolizing the success of Bring Smile Organization’s mission.

Each event organized by Bring Smile Organization added a unique layer of happiness, support, and community spirit to Orai, making a significant impact on the lives of its residents.


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