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ATULYADAN 3, The third pearl to the string of Atulyadan series was added in the City of Jhansi. Jhansi Branch head Ojasvi Bhatt with her team of Smile workers spotted that in rocky relief, behind polytechnic college nearly 150 families were living in extremely harsh conditions. Under no roof, no water supply and scorching sun of summer, it was no less than a fight for life and death every day. Smileworkers did extensive research on their occupation, problems, living conditions, etc and found that people had gathered there recently after anti-encroachment action in the city. However, after dislocating them from their roadside settlements, local officials didn't arrange for new shelters. Then on July 3, 2018, after relentless hard work, Bring Smile Organisation, in the premises of Lakshmi Vyayam Temple, Jhansi, distributed around 4 tons (40 quintals) of grains and other commodities to 150 poor families who were in dire need of help and then forwarded the problem to local administration and media. This Aid turned out to be a big help till people found new occupations and collected belongings for their settlements.


ATULYADAN 2 was organized after a period of 6 months recharging the stocks, and compensate no earning months of winter of the same slum people whom we helped in ATULYADAN 1.However ATULYADAN 2 was much broader and included nearly every begging or labouring child in city with smile count of 110+ kids. This time too we distributed dry rations including wheat, cereals, pulses, gur and salt along utensils to every individual.



BLACK बिंदी

Inauguration of event by guests and members of organisation. May the flame of change burn all evils.

Members of organisation and young volunteers marching through heart of city shouting and protesting against atrocities on women.

Black bindi campaign head addressing different media agencies about the event.


Surprises are not good but this is a very pleasant one to see young people involved in such nice work. Usually, I come across mostly old people in social work. It is a very good initiative by the youth of Orai to get involved in social work. It is very important for youth to be involved with society and polity as they will bring the change in the country for better . I wish the volunteers of bring smile organization to continue their good work and expand to include more youth in it.

Dr. Mannan Akhtar

(IAS) District Magistrate - Jalaun (UP)

( During his benign presence in Atulyadan-2 , 22nd Feb,18 )