Model Of Change

  • Developing and employing a self sustainable system of efficient recycling and rescuing of potentially usable waste and discarded materials. Same can be used for relief supplies and affordable product line among poor class.
  • Working on vibrant activites for educational and ideological reform with the aim to create sense of accountability and willingness to act in potential changemakers and to create a nurturing environment for social entrepreneurship, social activism and community building.
  • This two dimensional model ensures that the immediate survival and basic needs of an individual can be met in time and cost effective way, allowing us time to analyse, understand and work on root causes of problems in long run. The model can be better considered as balanced amalgamation of ideas and action for change.

    We are on mission

    1. To provide relief supplies in a time and cost effective manner during natural or human disasters, extreme climatic conditions and epidemics.
    2. To provide ed-tech and infrastructural support to underprivileged kids leveraging learning and teaching experience.
    3. To partner/collaborate with other social activists, NGOs and initiatives.
    Our vision for society

    Bring Smile Organization envisions to evolve and grow to be a medium for youth to learn and understand complexity of socio-economic problems and enact on them. To implement sustainable and scalable methods that can change and enhance dignity, comfort and opportunities in lives of poor and backward communities without distorting their cultural, linguistic and traditional identity.

    Our goals for 2025 are

    1. To help 1 lakh plus people under various relief programs under its flagship campaign "RAHAT - hands for relief".
    2. To provide Ed-tech and infrastructural support to 10000 under privileged kids.
    3. To mobilise 5000 plus social cause driven youth and more than 100 social welfare organizations on a single platform.
    Guiding values of organization are

    1. To recognize and value the potential of youth as changemaker and constructive work force.
    2. To focus on the dignity, needs and socio-cultural identity of beneficiaries.
    3. To respect role of every entity as equal stakeholder in the process of change making.
    4. To promote sustainable use of our resources.