Future Goals - Bring Smile Organisation

Mission & Vision

No one is rich enough to help everyone but, no one is too poor to help one.

Bring Smile Organisation is working on two parallels, first, development of a sustainable system using our resources and commodities, the second being an ideological revolution that includes educational reforms.

These are the two principal goals we are chasing and different campaigns events are being organised or are already running for achievement of the same. We have a target for creating one of the largest reseves of used clothes and commodities for reuse by deprived class of our society and in times of an emergency.

On other hand we are also working to establish Organisation's educational institutes that will blend western scientific approach to eastern spiritual science and higher dimensions of human existence. Along this other ideological reforms that we are working on include feminist movement and moral upliftment of youth.

Although we are working in various domains, we are highly concerned about children from slums , streets and road side shelters involved in menial jobs like garbage collection, labour at construction sites or home servants. We believe children are a personification of future and every child deserves the best despite the circumstances.

We can summarise all our social welfare activities in four distinct domains:

1- Providing every possible help to specially abled people i.e. divyangs.

2 - Charity events for slum and road side settlement population; especifically children.

3-Promotion of education, moral and ethical values and mentorship.

4-Supporting, raising voice and working for various feminist issues.

Every member of organisation is pledged to serve best to mankind, and change the future of mankind.