• Independence Day
    When I look back, I can see a crazy young boy who has just stepped in his teens. Everyday on my way to school sights of begging kids, child labourers and misery in slums were first to spark an idea of change. An idea to use part of our pocket money for well being of these people. With passage of time this idea turned into mission and that group of classmates into an extended organization. This journey is unlike any other, from self to share. At time of foundation, I was too young and immature to understand complexity of socio-economic problems as well as taking any such stand was too much out of box at that age. Coming from small town and a middle class family, society was not ready to greet our initiative. Still, inspite of all adversities I am lucky that throughout this journey I got company of lunatics who believed me beyond logics. Youth is a great flow of energy, too wild if not controlled. However, it can also be greatest constructive force when channelised properly. In Bring Smile Organization we follow this principle and try to pool different skill sets and resources in collective cause of welfare of society. We are breaking stereotype that money or materialistic wealth are mandatory requirements to serve mankind. Flexibility for me is abode of innovation and ideas, and that's why it is one of directive principle of organization . We always try to maintain a very flexible working atmosphere within organization, where every smileworker understands his responsibilities his own. Apart from our regular charity events Bring Smile family as we often call it, moreover is an ideology. A lifestyle centred on bringing smiles. The way how one treats weaker, how they see a problem, how much one is grateful for all luxuries he has and finally why to give back are some difference creating ethics reflected in every smileworker. I have a dream that some beautiful day every young mind and blood will be contributing positively in some way. United for common cause, above every difference we will build a smiling world. We know that we can't end sufferings from this world but sharing pain is no less bliss. With this dream, every smileworker is moving ahead.…into a brighter and smiling future.
    -Akarsh Mishra
    Founder and CEO
    Bring Smile Organization