Rahat - Hands for Relief

Every year millions of potentially usable clothes and other necessary goods go either to landfills or are burned while thousands of lives are lost due to lack of proper clothes. This is a stigma for humanity to be so callous and irresponsible. Under 'Rahat - hands for relief' campaign, we are working to create an efficient system to use the potentially usable yet discarded materials for relief supplies and reduce the time and cost during extreme weather conditions or calamities.


Activities and Execution

Rahat is a three step process involving collection, processing and distribution of relief supplies. Preparations start months before extreme summer and winter, with organising collection drives across various cities, mainly in educational institutions. All the collected material is transported to our storage centre where it undergoes quality check, washing and other processing.

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Collaborations and partnerships with fellow activists, NGOs and social clubs of institutions are integral part of our campaign. They help us at different steps to successfully organise rahat year on year.


The early preparations and 'ready to donate' stock help us to provide relief supplies in minimum time during any emergency. This emergency-aid capacity is specially efficient and important to minimise the loss of human lives at the peak hours of any crisis.

Future Goals

Our current storage centre (in Orai, UP) has capacity of storing 5,000 relief kits. We are aiming to build a larger storage centre of 50,000 relief kits capacity. For the same, we have acquired land in village Khutmili, District Jalaun, UP and construction of the relief centre will start soon. By 2025, we target to help 1 lakh beneficiaries annually under this campaign.