Black Bindi


Atrocities against women is a fact and can be traced back to earliest days of civilisation.Black Bindi campaign has earned huge success and support since it's very beginning. Presently, we are actively working against cyber abuse and vulgarity. We are working to extend our activities in other aforementioned domains specially in rural areas and backward communities.

    With central idea of women empowerment, we aim to articulate issues of women on 4 point agenda-

  • Making women financially self reliance through different measures including skill workshops, promoting SHG, helping with marketing and networking, etc.
  • Raising voice and providing legal assistance and social support to victims of sexual or mental abuse, cyber crimes, gender based discriminatory practices and beliefs etc.
  • Promoting idea of equality, freedom and acceptance through all the sections of the society, overlooking gender based differences.
  • Promoting awareness about health, hygiene and proper nutrition in different ages and phases, and to break social taboos and myths over same.